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Competitive Softball

Tualatin Fastpitch Softball Assoc. supports competitive tournament softball teams. Competitive youth softball begins at the 10u level (ages 9 and 10) and continues through 18u (ages 17 and 18). Within the ASA classification system, teams may register as A,B or C. A and B teams are considered competitive while C level teams are typically recreational. The A and B level competitive teams primarily play weekend tournaments locally, regionally and nationally. Team selection is by competitive tryouts. Tualatin Fastpitch has supported competitive ASA teams in Tualatin for many years. Our competitive teams for 2018 are as follows:

2017-18 Competitive:
18U - Bat Company, Coach Tom Hillier
16U - Bat Company, Coach Chad Southards
14U - Bat Company, Coach Michelle Thiry
12U - Bat Company, Coach Howard Hoyle
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Our goal is to increase the number of Tualatin girls playing competitive softball on Tualatin based teams. With the new organizational changes and the close working relationship between the Recreational and Competitive Divisions, opportunities will exist for recreational players and teams to mix in tournament play while playing a league schedule. Fall softball is an excellent time for players and teams to play a competitive Sunday schedule. All Star teams will mix in tournament play as tune ups to All-Star tournament play. Once players age out of the recreational program moving to competitive play (which usually occurs around age 12) will be seamless. By providing this continuity between recreational and competitive programs we believe the number of girls playing competitive softball in Tualatin and playing at Tualatin High School will increase.

Competitive Teams